Top Exquisite Designers of Bridal Jewelry

best wedding jewelry designs from leading brands

Exclusive wedding rings from top engagement and wedding ring designers are as unique as feelings of the man who gives his future bride such a present. The ornaments of designer wedding rings are designed as to show you your partner’s declaration of love.
Elite wedding rings from luxury wedding ring brands are made ​​of white, pink, and yellow gold metals, which are very expensive. Exclusive wedding rings are usually adorned with precious stones which embody spiritual connection between two people.
A significant advantage of exclusive engagement rings is that they are created from the best metals and precious stones of the highest quality. These decorations usually do not become obsolete. Over years their value only increases. That means that in the end your wedding ring can become a family heirloom that will be passed down from one generation to the other.

photo of adverticement  Harry Winston Wedding Jewelry Brand

Harry Winston Wedding Jewelry Brand

Harry Winston Wedding Jewelry Brand

Harry Winston is the world-renowned wedding rings brand that has got recognition among true connoisseurs of fine wedding jewelry. The brand is famous as one of the leading producers of engagement and wedding rings. Engagement ring by Harry Winston is something that ladies from higher walks of society like to wear. Most part of Harry Winston engagement rings are adorned with diamonds. Some of these diamonds go way beyond the 4Cs.
Harry Winston Wedding Ring
The founder of the brand is Harry Winston. From early childhood this man was fascinated by jewelry and glitter of precious stones. A big love for jewelry helped Harry Winston to achieve unprecedented success. So, it is not a big wonder that Harry Winston is often called “King of jewelry”.
Many years ago a young jeweler Harry Winston bought the emerald engagement ring, which he subsequently sold for higher price. Since then Harry Winston started to look for precious collections of jewelry, which he renovated and then sold.
Every precious stone that got into the hands of this talented jeweler was immediately transformed into a new and unique wedding ring. Besides being a famous jewelry designer Harry Winston got a reputation as a renown collector of fine jewelry. The designer has managed to gather a huge collection of rare diamonds, analogues of which cannot be found anywhere in the world.
Harry Winston Wedding Rings best wedding rings brands

yellow and blue diamond ring mounted in Platinum from luxury wedding ring designer

RD-yellow and blue diamond ring mounted in Platinum Jacob & Co

Jacob & Co Wedding Jewelry Brand

Like a Hurricane wind the wedding jewelry company Jacob & Co got into jewelry business. Famous companies were very reluctant to let the new company inside jewelry market. But the owners of the company were very audacious and they did it! The most striking thing was that the creator of a new jewelry brand came from Uzbekistan – the man with no origin and no title…. But the founder of a new brand Jacob Arabo had a little care about his origins and standard canons of jewelry business. “I know how to make other people happy,” – said Arabo, and I have the right to do what I want to do.”
Jacob & Co Oval-cut wedding ring with diamond by top engagement ring designer Jacob Co
Celebs usually call Arabo Jacob the Jeweler. Jacob Arabo has designed wedding rings for celebs. The list of Jacob Arabo customers includes Victoria Beckham, Katy Holmes, Jay Z. Famously and many other famous people. Jacob Arabo is the author of many unique wedding rings designs such as solitaire natural fancy yellow radiant-cut diamond engagement ring. This wedding ring is paved by a double diamond border and band.
Jacob & Co is also the author of several collection of classic wedding rings.

Cartier wedding jewelry Brand

French wedding jewelry brand Cartier does not need any introduction. Everyone who is even slightly interested in wedding jewelry has heard about this brand. Cartier brand is primarily known for its jewelry products and classy watches. In addition, Cartier brand produces perfumes, handbags, accessories and souvenirs.

gold and diamond wedding ring desginer by top luxury wedding ring designer cartier


Cartier has become a famous jewelry company at end of the 19th century. At the beginning of 20th century the company becomes a leading producer of top-class watches. Cartier watches always feature an innovative design and unmatched quality of a new brand. Possessing a thing from Cartier brand means that you belong to elite class that values impeccable taste, high quality and excellence.
Cartier engagement ring collection is no less unique as its watches. This famous wedding Jeweler can satisfy the demands of kings.
Show that you have a taste of a king and give your queen an elegant Solitaire wedding ring with brilliant-cut diamonds.
 Platinum emerald ring from best wedding jewelry designer Cartier

Ring Cartier platinum emerald ring

Wedding Ring Designer Tacori #4

tacori wedding rings  Google Search

Tacori wedding ring design

Wedding jewelry Brand Tacori

Tacori is the American engagement ring designer. This jewelry designer is quickly gaining momentum as one of the leading companies in the US jewelry market. The brand has a whole list of handcrafted and elegant collection of wedding rings. There you can find different designs of wedding ring starting from classic wedding rings and finishing with new style wedding rings. The design of wedding ring from Tacori is a combination of new and classic style of wedding jewelry designs.
Tacori brand suggest you a wide choice of different styles and shapes of wedding rings. There you can find a big collection of: Oval-cut Diamond Engagement Rings, Brilliant-cut Round Diamond engagement rings, Princess-cut engagement rings, Emerald-cut Engagement Rings, beautiful brown gems and etc.

Van Cleef & Arpels Wedding Rings#5

best engagement ring from Van Cleef Arpels Brand

Van Cleef & Arpels Engagement Ring

Van Cleef & Arpels is a French jewelry brand that has been present at jewelry market since a very long time. The brand dictates a new fashion trends in the jewelry market. The brand is known for its use of rare gemstones and exquisite designs of bridal jewelry. Every piece created by Van Cleef & Arpels engagement ring designer is a unique piece of art. This legendary French jeweler designs stunning pieces of engagement and wedding rings.

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