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Basic Make Up Lessons with Weddingen.com

photos of eye makeup with rouge lipslick

Make-up for Beginners

tiger lines for eyes combined with cherry red lips

Make-up for Beginners

makeup for begginers guide

Make-up for Beginners

smoky eyes makeup for brown eyes

Make-up for Beginners

image of of makeup combined with beutiful lingerie and fur coat
photo of French Icon Vanessa Paradis makeup for beginners

French Icon Vanessa Paradis in her beautiful spring makeup

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Best High End Makeup for Beginners

Nataly Portman in her natural evening makeup

Beauty makeup lessons

In the life of every girl alays comes the time when she starts to grow up and wants to stand out from the crowd. In most cases girls start to learn their first makeup lessons from their closest surrounding such as mothers, sisters or friends. But not everyone knows even the basic nuances of makeup. (Even those who think they know). If you want to create an individual image of a bride it is very important to know how to apply basic makeup.

The main things to know about making makeup

# 1. Basic Make Up Lessons. Apply concealer

Everyone knows that make-up should begin with the application of foundation. Of course this step can be ommited if you decided to make your make-up during hot season. Do not forget that your skin needs to breathe! During any other season it is very important to use foundation. It will provide an additional protection for your skin.

Basic Make Up Lessons # 2. Cream Foundation

Cream Foundation helps to give your skin matte color. Such technique helps people to get rid of their minor imperfections. However, remember that very young girls do not have to make too bright makeup.

how to make natural makeup beginners guide

Natural makeup for young ladies

natural makeup with the use of red, yellow and blue colors makeup for beginners

Natural makeup for young ladies

One more important advice…do hide pimples and inflammations of your skin under various cosmetics because pimples and inflammations need to heal themselves. Cosmetics may prohibit pimples and inflammations to heal on their own. In critical cases, you can only use face powder. Those gils who have dry skin can mix foundation with moisturizer. Such practice is very important. It can perfectly nourish the skin. But you should also pay attention to the igredients of moisterizer and the general composition of the creme. It can contain harmful ingredients. The best option is to consult beauty specialist.
When choosing colors, many make one major mistake – they try to choosee something that is either very light or very dark. My advice – try to apply foundation which can be perfectly blended with your natural skin color so that you will not be able to see any spots on your face. Also, try to choose tone that matches with your skin.
As for application, it is recommended apply application to the central part of your face and to the area where massage lines are located. In this case, you can use a sponge or brush. One should not forget about the other side of the nose. That side must be also accentuated with the help of makeup.

Makeup Kits how to set your makeup for beginners

How to prepare skin for makeup

Tips to Put Makeup On makeup for beginners

Maheup guide

Basic Make Up Lessons # 3. Emphasize the eyebrow line

Owners of ash-blond hair or not recommended to use brown pencil for their eyebrows. You risk to get reddish look of your eyes. If the hair color is light, then the best option to choose is to use a greenish color pencil. For example, you can use light olive pencil for your eyebrows.

Basic Make Up Lessons # 4. For evening makeup cobine bright and vibrant colors

For your evening make-up you can easily combine the bright and vibrant colors. For dayly makeup try to use pastel colors, such as peach, pink, blue and others light color shades. For some occasions you can also use liner. On weekdays, you can apply your black mascara. You can combine your black mascara with bright shades. Additionally, you can use the upper eyelid special applicator and then to spread your shades from the inner to the outer corner of the eye.

Basic Make Up Lessons # 5. Use brush applicator

Use brush applicator to make more dense layer of your shades. With the help of bruth such effect can be achieved very easily. If the density of your shadows will be a bit bigger than it was expected to be, you can delute it with the help of lighter shades. However, these colors should not be applied close to the lash line, because it might cause the effect of sore eyes (look as if you just cried). You must remember
that the view of your eyes should be both bright and deep. To achieve this effect try to apply some white shade under your eyebrows.

beginner makeup for girl with dark black hair red lipstick applied

White Face Makeup

makeup tutorial for bride with red light lips

Makeup Face Template

Correct paint eyelashes

When applying your mascara try to choose a hard brush. Hard blush is the best tool to share the cilia. You must also think about not creating the effect of glued eyelashes. For that purpose it is not necessarily apply mascara in many layers. Instead, you only need to apply only one layer. If the edges of the eyelashes are badly stained, you can embellish them lightly.

Basic Make Up Lessons # 6. Choose a lipstick or lip gloss that best matches your lips

Learn how to create and select the best color of lipstick or lip gloss. It is important to understand that the right choice of lipstick and lip gloss will help you to achieve the best possible makeup. BUT..forget about sequins. If you will use them for you daily makeup you risk to get a very vulgar look.
Lipstick should be applied with a brush, and should not be too much. The layer of your lipstick should be thin and natural. In winter, you can even use hygienic lipstick. Also, do not apply too much blush, espercailly if your makeup is made of light colors. The only case when ou can put a bit more blush is when your face is too pale. In that case some additional blush will not spoil your look.

cat face makeup with the help of red and light brown colors

Cat Face Makeup

Cat Face Makeup on a beautiful model with blod hair makeup for beginners

As you can see from above mentioned makeup for beginners tutorial, it is not that difficult to make a basic makeup. However, try to keep in your mind that the best way to maintain the natural beauty of your face is stay away from all heavy makeups. It is better to add to the natural beauty of your skin rather than to hide your spoilt skin under think layer of makeup.